Supply Chain Management

When working with Aohong, a product manager is assigned to work directly with your company. Our product managers oversee our client’s needs from beginning to end. Your product manager will quote to get your company the lowest possible cost. Your product manager will supervise all sample and production runs. Our product managers will assist your company in other necessary functions including forecasting, lead time reduction, cash flow improvement, and supplier consolidation.


Aohong takes care of the logistics of getting your product from our factory to you – at the lowest cost and with the best timetable for your particular needs. Combining shipments to bring in full containers rather than many partial containers enables us to negotiate the lowest possible cost from shanghai or ningbo port.
Additionally, we can work directly with your shipping company to save you time and stress. If you need express delivery from overseas, Aohong can arrange expedited shipping at competitive prices direct to our facility.


Aohong will manage your inventory at our factory, saving you space, time, and money. Whether you have a special blueprint part or products that Aohong has assembled in preparation for your use, they will always be on our shelf for your immediate release.
Benefits of Aohong’s inventory management services include having your company’s products available year-round, in-house quality inspection, and in-house value-added services such as sub-assembly, kitting, and special packaging.



As an ISO 9001 certified company, our in-house quality control
department ensures that all products meet or exceed our customers’ highest expectations.