Kitting is one of many value-added services that Aohong provides to meet our customers' needs. Kits are a group of components, packaged together, and sold as one unit. For customers, kits can provide convenience for their production line or to their end-user for "add on"or service applications.


Kits can improve your profitability by eliminating costs associated with purchasing, planning, storage and handling of the individual components.


Kitting performed in our facility is process controlled with quality checks at pre-determined intervals. Additionally, all kits are assigned a unique lot # which is traceable back to the individual components and suppliers. SRI kit department employees are well trained and maintain high levels of build accuracy, which includes 100% visual inspection of all components. Our kit services include special packaging, sub-assembly, primary and secondary packaging, and labeling.



As an ISO 9001 certified company, our in-house quality control
department ensures that all products meet or exceed our customers’ highest expectations.