Brake lining

Brake lining


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Brake lining

Brake lining

Brake lining
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Est. 7 days production


Vehicle brake lining 19032 
1.Big supply 
2.Made in China mainland 
3.ISO certificate 
4.Exclusive formula,long life brake lining

The Raw Material For Brake Linings

premium car brake pads friction material

A unique combination of Rock Wool and Steel Fibre. Contains brass, carbon ,acrylic and glass fibres blended with good structural integrity. This formula perfectly suits air brake systems used in commercial vehicles. It has excellent heat stability and is designed to work with great radial and tangential loads. It is gentle on the mating surface and consistent in performance over a wide range of cycles.

1.Carbon Fibre:This is a new type with high performance material,carbon content exceed 92% ,has the features of light weight,high strength,high wearability, heat-resisting,corrosion resisting,fatigue-resistance,conduct electricity  and other  excellent performance.
2.Glass Fibre:This Fibre has the features of heat-resisting,nonflammable,corrosion resisting,food sound insulation,heat insulation,high tensile strength.
3.Steel Fibre:This fibre can enhance tenacity with good heat shock resistance,resistance to mechanical shock.
4.Wood Fibre:This is a natural antibacterial activity ,can remove peculiar smell and self-cleaning,not easy to harden.

Vehicle brake lining 17032

Product Characters:

1. Exclusive formula,long life brake linings.
2. Various products,more than 1000 types are available.
3. Manufacturer in China's mainland, low cost, reasonable price and good quality
4. Big supply and short delivery time.
5. Environment friendly, less noise due to special formula.
6. We are the OEM for China STEYR. High quality brake lining are available in the semi metallic ,organic and so on.


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Test Report:


Inspection Item

Test Result

NormalTemperature Friction Coefficient(100-150ºC)


Hot Friction Coefficient(250ºC-300ºC)


Wear Rate(×10-7m3/Nm150ºC)




Impact Force(J/cm2)


Los's strength(HRM)


Shear strength in(MPa)


Compression strength(N/mm2)


Thermal Expansivity/%


High-Performance Test Machines Of Brake Linings



Packages For Brake Linings

1.Each set of brake lining use shrink packing.
2.We adopt high-strength corrugated paper as our packing box to replace the general paperboard which is easy to be deformed.
3.Standardized and firmed pallet can make sure the products safety during transport.The pallet list is clear and striking so that customer can easy to find the part number and related quantitiy.